Having A Life Coach Makes You More Accountable.


You all of a sudden become more accountable to follow through on whatever you’re procrastinating on or stopping yourself from doing. We all place limits on ourselves. We all have limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding us back, preventing us from fulfilling our true potential. When you have a life coach that is there to push you beyond your limits and what you thought was possible, a breakthrough happens. Your entire belief system changes, and you take your life to another level.

1. You’re stuck. So, you have this decision to make. Either to get married , leave your crappy relationship, change careers, make a geographical change or go after that big, badass dream of yours. Anything. You’re confused with thoughts of “what if I do it and it doesn’t work” vs “what if I don’t do it and I regret it”.

2. You’re lost. Maybe you don’t know what your “thing” is. Maybe you don’t love your job, or you feel like you’re living your life like a sloth on auto-pilot

3. You’re unhappy. If you’re unhappy, you need a change. Or you need to change. Or maybe you just had a breakdown. This also goes back to your values. The majority of the time, people that are unhappy aren’t living their personal values, and the values that are true to them are being stepped on or suffocated.

4. You’re happy. So, why would someone need a life coach if they’re already happy? It’s the perfect time for a life coach. When you’re happy, and you love where you are, you’re more likely to be open to growth.

5. You just got out of a relationship. You’re brokenhearted, or maybe not-so-much. Either way, you’re starting over. And that’s a beautiful place to be. You have every reason to be excited about beginning again on your terms.

6. You’re scared. Let’s face it: We’re all scared. We’re afraid of the dark, afraid of looking stupid, afraid of failure, afraid of success, afraid of what people will think, afraid of what they’ll say, afraid of being alone, afraid of being seen, afraid of not being seen, afraid of leaving a relationship.

Are you feeling stuck, perhaps in your job, relationships or life generally, looking for a way to get unstuck?

Do you want to gain a clear sense of direction or purpose?

Do you want to have more confidence, either at work or socially?

Do you want to develop your leadership or communication skills, to experience even greater success in your career?

Do you want to learn how to manage your stress, anger, anxiety and time more effectively?

Are you feeling demotivated, looking to be inspired again?

Whether it’s as your career coach or life coach, Tijana will help you gain clarity on exactly what you want – and how to achieve it. Through your own personalized coaching program , Tijana will work with you to critically assess where you are now and where you want to be – and how to bridge the gap. By helping you recognize you already have all the resources you need right at your fingertips, Tijana will help you overcome any obstacles, challenges or fears standing between you and your goal. With increased levels of motivation and determination, you will feel free and inspired to achieve the success you want.

Appreciating the phenomenal results achieved by the likes of Tony Robbins and Richard Bandler, Tijana uses Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) as the foundation of both her career coaching and life coaching. NLP is a powerful tool that allows us to understand why we think and behave the way we do and how this determines our results in life. As your career or life coach, Tijana will help you to discover what thought patterns and behaviors are holding you back from achieving your goals – and how to change them. You will be empowered to reach your goals and experience the career and life successes you deserve.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Basically it is a set of methods that can quickly and permanently re-program your subconscious to cure a fear or phobia, be more efficient at losing weight and boost your confidence. After one to three sessions you will see instant results.


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